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Brocklesby new technology trials

The Brocklesby new technology trials aim to showcase the many new developments in plant genetics, weed management and nitrogen fertilisers that have the potential to deliver significant gains in yields and profitability for Riverina farmers who grow wheat and canola.

At a glance

Project name: Brocklesby new technology trials – southern Riverina, NSW
– Adama
– Bayer CropScience
– Corteva
– Incitec Pivot Fertilisers
– Nuseed
– Pacific Seeds
– Seed Force
– Syngenta Nufarm

Location: Brocklesby, New South Wales
Project commenced: 10 April 2021
Project ends: 22 December 2021
Objective: To show Riverina farmers how adopting the latest technology in plant genetics, herbicides and nitrogen fertilisers can boost their crop yields and profitability.

How the project works

Elders is partnering with a host of suppliers to showcase the latest developments in plant genetics, herbicides and fertilisers in canola and wheat.

Elders Albury senior agronomist, Chris Toohey, is leading these new technology trials at four sites at Brocklesby in the Riverina.

Trial one – new varieties and systems for canola

Trial one consists of fully replicated trials comparing new canola varieties developed by our partners Nuseed, Pacific Seeds, BASF and Seed Force, that will out-perform current varieties.

Canola is a lucrative crop which is benefiting from significant investments in plant breeding and systems development by local and global suppliers. This Elders site is bringing the best of these varieties and systems to Riverina farmers to evaluate and adopt.

They include Roundup Ready canola crossed with Clearfield canola, Roundup Ready and Roundup Flex canola, and Roundup Ready with Clearfield canola and triazine-tolerant canola.

The trial is also showing canola featuring the LibertyLink herbicide trait in Australia for the first time. It also shows LibertyLink canola crossed with triazine-tolerant canola, along with Clearfield canola crossed with triazine-tolerant canola and Roundup Ready canola.

Watch a video explaining trial one.

Trial two – more effective pre and early post-emergent weed control in canola

Trial two is run in partnership with Adama, showcasing new developments using existing herbicides which offer more flexibility for controlling grass weeds at the early post-emergent growth stage.

Watch a video explaining trial two..

Trial three – strategies to enhance nitrogen use efficiency in wheat

With in-crop nitrogen losses recorded as high as 80 to 90 per cent in wheat crops, trial three is focusing on ways of improving nitrogen use efficiency by utilising more effective strategies by soil type, crop type, crop stage and varietal choices.

In partnership with Incitec Pivot Fertilisers and Corteva Agriscience, the trial  is also comparing newer nitrogen stabilisers and enhanced efficiency fertilisers such as eNtrench® from Corteva and ENTEC® and Green Urea™ from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers, as well as two exciting new prototype fertilisers.

Watch a video explaining trial three.

Trial four – pre-emergent and early post-emergent grass weed control in cereals

In collaboration with Bayer CropScience, FMC, Syngenta, BASF and Nufarm, trial four aims to demonstrate industry best practice for managing herbicide resistance in Riverina cropping systems.

This is to ensure local farmers understand the importance of harnessing different herbicide attributes across a range of soil types, different weed species, and varying soil moisture levels at planting, and practising chemical rotation.

By adopting best practice, this trial aims to ensure that local farmers continue to have access to the most effective chemistry to manage weeds and maximise crop yields and profitability.


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